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Another important thing about his tone his the fact that he uses his fingers and not a pick, and his fingerpicking style is unconventional to say the least. A Deluxe Reverb has a single 12″ speaker in it. I don’t know what a Deluxe Reverb would sound like with only one 10″ in it. I have been on these forums for years and always expect someone to tell me that however lets just say hypothetically that im not trying to play like him I just admire his sound. Derek uses it live sometimes see: The amps grew out of a conversation I had with Derek where he was complaining that his Super Reverb four 10″ speakers, 40 watts couldn’t be used onstage with the Allmans because it wasn’t loud enough.

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His tone is, for better of for worse, a “Big” amp tone.

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They sound the same on any rig. I was pushin em HARD in a cap room and unbelieveably they still work. Prob not the best choice for gain monster type heads, triple recs etc.

Sep 15, 6. Derdk believe that’s essentially the gear Santana used in the late 60’s. I often noticed that when a player who has found HIS tone, he can get it no matter what he uses. Sep 15, 5. Jul 15, 1.

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We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. This isnt necessarily a rant for Pyles You do need some volume xerek more headroom than the Bjr has. Dderek to that they made all kinds of speakers and CTS was one of the sources for fender. One of the things you can do to make a Deluxe Reverb pylr is to replace the rectifier tube with a solid-state plug-in module and install a pair of 6L6s.

A pretty meat and potatos rock guitar combo. The results made me want to dump the supposedly good speaker in my JCM 2×12 haha Check it out: Played live occasionally in the past couple of years. I use really good ones. Sep 15, 7. You can not go the other way around.

Could you do something for Warren?

Another important thing about his tone his the fact that he uses his fingers and not a pick, and his fingerpicking style is unconventional to say the least.

I didn’t know anyone made stuff like this anymore.

These speakers are based on the original Pyle speaker design. No, create an account now.


You must first start by playing just like him, use fingers, glass slide, jazzy scales, same positions on the fretboard, then you adjust the guitar and amp knobs to finish it. I would have gotten the DRRI but funds were a problem.

I completly agree that practicing is the most important thing. And they only sounded good distorted and about ready to jump out of his Super Reverb, which happened more often than not.

Kramer Pacer Custom 85 in the neck.

DMaceMar 27, If derei learn – in my opinion – a lot of his tunes and licks, you’ll get his finger thing happening and probably sound a lot more like him tone wise than if you even just got to play through his rig. Steve, Trucks used Radio Shack speakers made by Utah, at that derel owned by the Pyle family, hence the connection.

The DTs are only available from Lord Valve.

I know he also endorses DR pure nickel strings.